We deals with spare parts for catering equipment only. In our offer you can find the most popular thermostates, heating elements, pumps, gaskets, probes and others.

More than 100.000 spare parts for catering equipment…


We support our partners with professional assistance and help to find even most unique parts. We are reliable and professional partner.


We are present at the market since 2010.

10 years of experience.


The biggest problem of companies selling or repairing professional catering equipment is the lack of spare parts or long delivery time. Thats why we pay a lot of attention to keep deadlines and make delivery time the fastest as possible.

We cooperate with the best speditors at the market.

Distributed products:
Capillary thermostats

EGO thermostats– ALBA thermostats ALPENINOX thermostats  – ANGELO PO thermostats–ASTORIA CMA thermostats   –BARON thermostats  BARTSCHER thermostats–BERTO’S thermostats  –BONNET thermostats   COLGED thermostats–COOKMAX thermostats   –DESCO thermostats   DEXION thermostats–EBERHARDT thermostats   ELECTROLUX PROFESSIONAL thermostats –ELETTROBAR thermostats–ELFRAMO thermostats–EMMEPI thermostats–EPMS thermostats–FAGOR thermostats–GEV thermostats–GICO thermostats–GIGA thermostats– GIORIK thermostats –HOBART thermostats–HOONVED thermostats –IMIT thermostats –INDESIT thermostats–KOMEL thermostats  –KREFFT thermostats –LAINOX thermostats–LOTUS thermostats –LUXIA thermostats –MARENO thermostats–MBM thermostats –METOS thermostats –MMG thermostats–MODULAR thermostats –OLIS thermostats –PIZZA GROUP thermostats–RANCILIO thermostats –RANCO thermostats –ROSINOX thermostats–SAGI thermostats –SILKO thermostats –TECNOINOX thermostats–THIRODE thermostats –WHIRLPOOL thermostats –ZANUSSI thermostats

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